Life After Earthly Life

Mark 12: 18-27

There is a bumper sticker which says, “He who dies with the most number of toys, wins.” For a person without faith, this is very true. After all, happiness comes from the material things in this world. But for a person with faith, we all know that we came into the world with nothing and we are leaving the world with nothing. Notice how material things are looked differently in the eyes of one who has faith and one who has no faith.

In the Gospel, Jesus was asked about a woman who married seven brothers. Why did she have to do this? This was to preserve the property. Certainly, this would not be necessary from the eyes of one who has faith.

Reflect on Material things in the eyes of faith and eternity.

  1. We came into this world with nothing and even if we die with the most number of toys, we will leave this world with nothing. This alone should put the material things in the proper perspective: Why work so hard to things that you will leave behind? What does it say when one dies with so many material things? Why destroy relationships because of material things?
  2. In the eyes of faith, we are only stewards. Each life has a purpose and each life has a calling. Hence, God blesses us according to the calling and purpose. Do the material things have a bigger purpose aside from our own use? As a quote from an unknown source said, “If God blesses you more with material things, bless your standard of giving and not your standard of living.”
  3. Material things are not a key to heaven. Jesus said at the end, “People will be judged by their deeds”. When I was hungry, did you give me something to eat? When I was thirsty, did you give me something to drink? Naked and you clothed me? 

We pray to the Lord for the proper use of material things whether in scarcity or plenty. May we have the strength to let go when it is time to let go so that others may also use these blessings to bless other people’s lives.

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