Planting the Seeds

These two sayings have the same message: 

“The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns.”

“Large streams from little fountains flow.”

It is a reminder that in life, often, things start small. I understand what we know now as SM, the biggest mall operator in Southeast Asia, was once a small store in Carriedo and eventually branched out at the Makati Commercial Center, now known as the Ayala Center.

Further, what do Apple, Walt Disney, Google, Mattel, Amazon, and Hewlett-Packard have in common? They all started in a garage.

During the time of Jesus, people were awaiting the Kingdom of God. They had this notion that it would be grand, mighty, dominating and intimidating. What does Christ say? It is like a seed. 

Hence, in doing the Kingdom of God, there are things we remember:

  1. Size does not matter. In other words, never underestimate even the smallest act of kindness. It goes a long way. In fact, how many times have we been approached by someone who was so grateful and appreciative for help or assistance that we don’t even remember doing or extending?
  2. The things that we do outlive us. When my father suffered an aneurysm at 2 am in the morning, a priest came and anointed him. It was not exactly the most convenient of all times, but the sacrament was given in a prayerful and solemn manner. This had a great impact on me. I promised myself that the sacrament of the sick will have a special place in my heart should I become a priest.
  3. God’s ways are not our ways. Who would ever think that a small seed can become a huge tree and bless so many people and animals? We are reminded to do good for the sake of doing good and God will do the rest. It is his call anyway.

That is why my dear friends now more than ever, let us continue to plant seeds of kindness everywhere we can, to anyone we can and every time we can. Be assured at God’s given time it will bear fruit. Hence, we just become patient and hopeful, always remembering that:

“The greatest oaks have been little acorns.”

“Large streams from little fountains flow.”

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