It Is Not Over

John 18: 1-19, 42

Once I came across a friend who I had not seen in a long time. After asking how he was doing, I got surprised by his response. His wife just finished 6 sessions of Chemotherapy and because of this, they were deep into debt. Then just when they thought they could save, she was hit by a jeep. Because the jeepney driver had no money to pay and no insurance at all, they had to pay the hospital bill themselves. When I asked why is it that you do not seem worried or like it is the end of the word? The response was simple yet profound, “After night comes day.”

My dear friends, Jesus dies on the cross on Good Friday. When we celebrate his resurrection, there are three things we remember which we could apply in our lives.

  1. God is alive! Even in today’s times wherein there is so much anger and we ask ourselves, where is God? We are in touch with God through prayer, through a virtuous life, and follow His will. We realize that there are many small and big miracles in our lives. He is truly alive.
  2. Death is not the end of life. One of the most painful human experiences is death. Especially, if it is the parents burying their children. But Jesus said, “In my Father’s house, there are many dwelling places.” In our words, we are just passing by in this life. Hopefully, we get to realize what is important and what is fleeting in life.
  3. Don’t Lose Hope. When we enter what we call the trials of life, often fear sinks into our lives. This is what happened to Mary of Magdala. Because of fear, she did not recognize Christ.
    In the many trials of life, let us remain hopeful and not fearful. Everything happens for a reason and purpose and that God is good. Eventually, we will see God’s plan in our lives.

Today we celebrate the greatest of celebrations! In the many deaths we experience, just continue to trust God. He is alive, after all deaths, life follows and so never lose hope in life. Simply put, “after night comes day.”

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