Teach Us How To Pray

Matthew 6: 7-15

If there is one thing that the people close to Jesus noticed was that He always prayed. Many instances, he would separate himself to pray; before performing a miracle, certainly He would pray; when he drove out demons, He prayed.

Knowing how powerful prayer is, he taught his disciples how to pray. From the Gospel, there are many things about prayer we can pick up, three of which are:

  1. Our relationship with God is PERSONAL. During the time of Jesus, the Jews had an impression that God was an angry God, hence the many offerings meant to appease God. Here, Jesus is reminding us that God is a Father. In otherwords, God will do everything and anything for His children.
  2. Prayer is power. Jesus said do not babble like pagans. Why? Do not waste the power of prayer. How many testimonies have we heard that simply mentioning the name Jesus or Mary, a person is made safe from “bangungot.” Simply by mentioning, “Salve Roque,” a person is spared from being a bitten by a dog.
  3. Prayer should come from the heart. Hence, Jesus reminds us of the importance of forgiveness. We talk to God from our heart and hence it should be free from sin.

We should always remember that God is just a prayer away. When we pray it is not that we need something, it is because there is so much to be grateful for.

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