Where is God?

One of the most difficult human experiences is waiting. 

  • We think it is a waste of time
  • We feel we could be doing more
  • We think that the other person is inconsiderate
  • We do not get what we want.

That is why, one thing about technology is that we no longer have to wait. You want your favourite food, your favourite movie, your favourite song and technology will give it to you immediately. You want information, technology will definitely give it to you immediately. A reality though, is that there are things you cannot rush in life – it all depends on God’s time. 

In the Gospel, we hear of two holy people waiting for the Messiah – Simeon and Anna. Yes, in God’s proper time, they saw the Messiah.

While waiting for the Lord to answer our prayer, three things we can do:

  1. Continue to be hopeful. While you are waiting, God is working. He does not sleep. Yes, his ways are not limited. That is why we continue to pray unceasingly. Not to change the will of God but for us to know the will of God. 
  2. Continue to do good. Yes, we have our prayers, our needs, our longings. However, we can also be the answer to the prayer of other people by continuing to do good, especially in the mission that God has given us. 
  3. Continue to be vigilant. We live in difficult times. In fact, many of us might ask, where is God? Good will always prevail. While waiting for God, let us be vigilant. As the saying goes, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the dark.”

Be Hopeful, Do Good, and Be Vigilant

We remember everything has time, everything has a season and everything has a purpose under heaven. Despite technology, there are many things, the more important things that we have to wait for.

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