Healing and Hope

It was very hard to get sick during the time of Jesus. Perhaps it was already like a death sentence, as medicine was not as advanced as it is now. That is why it is not a surprise that people sought Jesus due to his ability to heal.

In the Gospel, he healed a woman who suffered from hemorrhage for twelve years and brought back to life the daughter of Jarius who was already considered dead.

It is a common experience that when we are sick or a loved one is sick, aside from doctors, we also go to faith healers. If you go to the place of the healers and even if there are Catholic images, it is very important to check if the healing comes from God or not. Three things to watch out for:

  1. Does the healer come from a family of healers? Typically healing that is a gift from God is unique, special, and given for a specific purpose or mission. If a healer comes from a family of healers, typically the healing power comes from a spirit that is attached to the family and goes from one generation to the next. Usually, this spirit attached to the family is not from God.
  2. Does the healer use prayers that are not understood? Do they use whispering and blowing? Do they have rituals that we are not familiar with? Typically, the spirit behind these rituals is not from God.
  3. Do you become more sensitive after the healing session? Or after the cure, did the sickness become aggravated, or suddenly cause nightmares and demonic dreams? Evil spirits attach to us because we allow them. Typically, one way of allowing them is when we go to healers that are not from God.

That is why, aside from doctors, whose vocation from God is to heal, do not forget the Church when healing. Three sacraments of healing are:

  • The Mass as the highest form of prayer
  • Confession because many of our sins come from negative emotions
  • Anointing of the Sick, as it is both for healing and forgiveness of sins, even if the person is unconscious.

Also, blessed salt, blessed oil, and blessed water in faith. Lastly, if sickness is due also to a curse or hex, the only way to fight this is through the sacraments of the Church, the use of sacramentals, and the guidance of the priest who is knowledgeable in the ministry of deliverance.

Remember, in everything, even in sickness, God has a plan and purpose.  

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