One of the realities of life is that many of us are tired:

  • For the youth, it may be too much social media
  • For the medical practitioner, there are too many patients
  • For the priests, there are so many things to do
  • To the employee, it is very tiring to travel to work, or a salesperson might have so many clients to see.

All of us need rest. Even Christ and his disciples had to go up the mountain to rest. Three ways how to rest:

First, forgiveness. Jesus said, “not only seven times but seventy-seven times”. How many of us go through life angry and resentful? How many of us go through life just want to hurt the people that have hurt us? Just let go. After all, everything that we reap, we will sow.  

Second, less worry and trust God. Jesus said, “what can worry do”. It cannot even add a day to your life. In any situation, think of the worst-case scenario, and many times it will not realistically happen. 

Third, prayer. How many times have we entered the Church or the Blessed Sacrament and left more peaceful? Only God gives peace which is beyond human understanding.

In closing, let me share with you a beautiful quote:

God says, remember these four things:

  1. I will make a way for you
  2. I am fighting your battles
  3. Prayer is the best medicine
  4. Trust my timing

Relax and rest, God is in control.

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