One of the most difficult of human experiences is being sick. One realizes that we are not in control after all.

  • One typically is regretful: I should have done this/that and I should have not done this/that.
  • One also experiences so many stresses:
    • Financial – up to how much will this treatment or recovery cost?
    • Emotional – one day we are hopeful, the next day there is no light at the end of the tunnel
    • Physical – the pain and inconvenience of one who is sick and spiritual – Lord, why are you not answering my prayers?

In the Gospel, Jesus often reminds us of another “sickness” in need of healing – the reality of devils and evils spirit. Three reflections on the healing of evil spirits:

  1. Body and Soul. Remember we are body and soul. They are connected. If the body is sick, the soul is affected. If the soul is sick, the body is affected. Notice Christ that when he healed many times, he would say, “Your sins are forgiven”. What is the relationship? As it was then and as it is now, many of our sicknesses have been proven by science to come from negative emotions. Anger, a lack of forgiveness, and resentment affect the body and eventually lead to different sicknesses. Hence Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and Daily Mass Attendance are very important. 
  2. There are sicknesses that are caused not only by health deterioration but also by evil spirits. Curses and Hexes take effect when the person is not in a state of grace. The bottom line is commandment number one – have nothing to do with the occult and always be in the state of grace.   
  3. Typically, people go to “faith healers” out of desperation. Be very careful… even if there is Catholic imagery all over the place, once there is whispering, once there are rituals that you are not comfortable with, once there are prayers that you do not understand… have nothing to do with these healers. The relief is temporary and the condition worsens afterward.

Hence, we always pray for those who are sick. May they never lose hope because God is with us and He cares. 

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