Sin and Healing

When Jesus was on earth, he was most sought after because of his healing. Yes, especially during those times, if one were sick that would almost be like a death sentence or long-term suffering. Hence, people would really search for Jesus for healing. 

Remember that we are both body and soul. If the body is sick, the soul is sick as well, and vice versa. What are examples of a soul that is sick?

  • If one is depressed, the body is also affected
  • If one is angry you can just imagine how it affects the blood pressure
  • When one is stressed, it affects the immune system

In fact, science has proven that many of our sicknesses come from negative emotions. Hence, aside from medicines, therapy, and procedures, never forget these three things as well:

  1. Prayer. God is just a prayer away. We pray unceasingly for God to answer all our prayers. He is in control and He knows what is best for us. Sometimes he heals the sickness but often he gives us peace of mind and acceptance. 
  2. Forgiveness. Forgiving is not about the other party asking for forgiveness. It is about us removing the anger, resentment, desire for revenge, or always going back to the past. May we be able to move on and let go. 
  3. Return to God. Another source of our sickness is sin. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Thus if we abuse our bodies with sin and vices, eventually sickness will always catch up. 

We pray for the healing of all our loved ones. We pray that we may never lose hope. We remember the saying that even after prayer, even after forgiveness, and even after returning back to God, the body is still sick. But you can be sure that the body is on its way to healing. That is what is most important.

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