Events that Define Us

In our life, there are experiences that define us. Hopefully, we will become stronger, wiser, and better people. However, it could also go the other way. According to a survey, some of these experiences include: falling in love, changing in financial situation, getting your heart broken, getting chronically ill, having a pet, experiencing discrimination, a court case, and yes, the death of a loved one.

In the Gospel, the arrest and eventual jailing of John the Baptist, a relative of Jesus, was such an event. He was the one who baptized Jesus and introduced him to us: “He is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” Surely this had a very big effect on Jesus. Yet, what did Jesus do?

  • Jesus Had a Plan. Jesus had his share of detractors, enemies, and people who were envious of him. Hence, he knew when to confront and when to avoid confrontation. Jesus had a plan.
  • Jesus had a Mission. Regardless of where Jesus was, he had a mission. “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. He also called people to share in this Mission: Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
  • Jesus brought Hope. During the time of Jesus, people were suffering. Hence, he brought hope through his preaching, healing of the sick, and driving out demons. 

Plan, Mission, and Hope

Like during the times of Jesus, these are difficult times. Not only economically but most especially spiritually. People have lost the sense of sin, truth is already relative, and the right is made wrong and the wrong is made right. Hence, like Jesus, three things we remember:

  1. God has a plan. We may not understand it fully but know that not only does He have a plan, and good will always prevail.
  2. God has given a mission. Times may change, times may be difficult, and life may even throw us a curve ball, but God will always help us in this mission.
  3. God wants us to bring hope. When we are faithful to our mission, we bring hope to people, When we know how to share our blessings, time, talent, and treasure, we bring hope to people, to the country, and to the world because all our lives are intertwined. 

Yes, there are experiences in life that define us. Plan, Mission and Hope.

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