Baptismal Promises

Every Easter Vigil or every time we stand as a godparent for a baptism, we renew our baptismal vows. 

Do you reject Satan? Do you reject all his works? Do you reject all his empty promises?

Why is this very important and significant? It is because most of us were baptized when we were infants. Hence, it was our parents who made the promise on our behalf and our godparents promised to support our parents in ensuring that we grow up to be good Catholics. Now more than ever, as we begin a new Easter season, let us reflect on three of the promises made.

  1. “Do you reject Satan?” While most of us would say yes, the real question is if we believe Satan exists or not. Many spiritual writers say his main plot is to convince people that he does not exist. Nowadays though, Satan and his cohorts are no longer hiding. Just look at the sinfulness of the world. Greed, apathy, materialism, and the loss of moral compass. People will fight for animal rights but not the right of the unborn? Remember that in this world, there is the seen and the unseen. In the realm of the unseen, the greatest battle ever is now happening, just as St. Paul said.
  2. “Do you reject all his works?” What is the main objective of Satan? It is to bring us away from God and he will do whatever it takes. That is why we never look at life based on just good luck and bad luck. Money is not a blessing if it means that the family will fight over it. Sickness is not a curse if it means that we will realize what is important and passing in life. We cannot have two masters in life. We are going to love one and despise the other. We cannot serve God and money.
  3. “Do you reject all his empty promises?” What are the very first words of the snake to Eve? “You will be like God”. Look what happens to society when we take away God. 50 years ago, in the U.S., 1 out of 10 children was born out of wedlock. Now it is 4 out of 10. In France, the first daughter of the Church, which is the least religious of all European countries, is 6 out of 10. When you break the family, you break the country. When you break the family, you break the Church. No matter how much technology we have, the words of Christ still matter. “I am the vine and you are the branches. Without me you cannot do anything.”

We always judge a person, a family, society, and the country by the money it makes. Look at what kind of world we live in. There are so many broken relationships, anxieties, fears, worries, and depression, and the suicide age is getting younger and younger. That is why it is about time to get back to basics. It is time to return to the things that cannot be counted. After all, they are the ones that matter. Love of God, love of neighbor as we love ourselves. In that way, we truly reject Satan, his works, and his empty promises.

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