Death is Not the End

Ed. Note: This was a mass homily at Cavalry (Golgotha) itself, during one of Fr Mon’s trips to the Holy Land.

Especially these last few years, we have said goodbye to so many people. It has made us realize that life is short and swift.  Further, when it comes to goodbyes, there is a saying, “The deeper the love, the more difficult the goodbye.”

On this very place, Jesus was nailed on the cross. His enemies thought it was the end of Jesus. Twenty-one centuries later, people still visit this very site as a testimony that Jesus is truly alive. 

Hence, three reflections on Death and Eternal Life:

  1. Death is not the end. The greatest source of hope is that there is eternal life. We take hope that the people nearest and dearest to our hearts, we shall all see them one day. 
  2. What is Important versus What is passing and fleeting. With eternal life in mind, it changes the perspective of a person. We realize that we came into the world with nothing and we are leaving the world with nothing. Further, we also realize what is important and what is passing and fleeting. Why put so much effort and emotions into things we will just leave behind? Why destroy relationships when the things we fight about we will just leave behind?
  3. Desire for Eternal Life. Jesus told his disciples a story that at the end God will judge all of us. The basis of judgment will be, “Whatever you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto me.” Hence, we should be guided by this teaching in our actions, decisions, and ways of our everyday lives. 

In this Mass, 

  • We continue to pray for our loved ones who have moved on to the next life.
  • We are reminded of our own mortality. Eternal life starts now through the life we live.
  • We remain hopeful because God is truly alive – death is not the end, it is the start of eternal life. 

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