It is the desire of many people to be successful. Hence, they study hard, they work hard, and they learn from the experts. On the long way to the top though, these people have certainly encountered obstacles, challenges, and mistakes, and may have even hit rock bottom. Every step of the way there were envious people; there were haters. 

Even Jesus experienced envious people.  As the Gospel says, “They took offense at him.” What wrong did he do? Nothing. He just taught in the synagogue and did some healings. 

Hence, when we encounter envious people, three things we remember:

  1. Forgive. Certainly, they do everything and anything to put you down. They can even influence the closest people in your life to go against you. Still, do not retaliate but instead forgive. After all, God does not sleep. 
  2. Continue. Nothing beats the feeling of blessing other people. We always remember the saying, “what cannot break us will only make us stronger.” Besides, the basis of eternal life is, “whatever you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto me.” 
  3. Reflect. Sometimes success can be blinding as well. It is very important to pray and reflect. The things I am being accused of, is there an element of truth? 

Today, let us remember that all of us have our own mission. All of us have our own lives to live and when we face God, it is our own life that we will give an accounting of. This is true whether we are the ones being envied or envious ourselves. 

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