Time for the Lord

Ed. Note: This entry was originally for a birthday mass for a friend of Fr. Mon. We have included it as a post here, as the words are significant reflections for all of us during this Lenten season.

When the Lord gave Moses the ten commandments, one of which was: Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. One of the ways to keep it holy is not to work. Even the Lord created the world in six days and on the seventh day, rested. The thing is, even the picking of heads of grain is considered working. Therefore, a violation of the Sabbath. However, what does Jesus say? “He is the Lord of Sabbath.”

That is why reflecting on Sabbath and Jesus, three things we can do:

  • First, rest. We remember the words of God. “Be still and know that I am God.” Rest is very important because as human beings, we are limited. The body and mind become weak when tired. Indeed, it is so hard to pray when exhausted. We rest from the material world and pursue what really matters in life.
  • Second, pray. This is time with God as throughout the week, we could have been consumed with so many things. We also remember the words of Socrates, “An unreflected life is not worth living.” We pray for guidance in the time given to us by the Lord. 
  • Third, family. Sabbath is also an opportunity to be with family as there is no work or no other activities. We all know that a strong family is very important for a strong Church and a strong nation.

Family, Prayer, and Rest.

In this Mass, we join Tito Iggy in celebrating the gift of life. These are our three prayers:

  1. At seventy-five, may you continue to pursue what matters in life: relationships with God and neighbor. If I may add, making this world, this country a better place in our own capacity.
  2. At seventy-five, may you continue to be guided with the mission that God has for you: prayers for the family, presence in the family, and opportunity for the family to give back after all your shared with them, especially during your more active years.
  3. At seventy-five, continue to enjoy the presence of the family. 

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