Faith and Service

I came across a story of a mother who found out from her doctor that her daughter had autism. Although she suspected something was different with her daughter, it was devasting that it was autism. “Why my daughter”? “How am I going to take care of her”? “Lord, what wrong have I done?”

Fifteen years later, when she looks back, her situation was not easy. There were good days and there were bad days, yet she was amazed to where she found the strength to take care of her daughter, who has brought the family so much joy? 

Jesus reminds his disciples, “You will never be exempted from the storms of life, but have the faith of a Mustard seed and God will never abandon you”. 

What then, is the faith of a mustard seed? Three things about it:

  1. A mustard seed is small. Hence the smallest acts of love, the smallest acts of giving, the smallest acts of forgiving, and the smallest of kindness. They go a long, long way. 
  2. A mustard seed is dependent on God. How does the smallest of the seeds become the biggest of trees? Like all creation, we are dependent on God. A person of faith does not his or her own will but the Will of God. 
  3. A mustard seed spreads easily. Not only does the mustard tree grow fast, but it also spreads fast. If you think there is so much evil in the world, just look closely. There is still also so much good in the world. The pandemic has shown this. While there were people who took advantage of the situation and made money, there were more people who were a blessing. 

That is why in the Mass, we continue to be hopeful in our mission. Yes, there will be difficult times, there will be unpleasant surprises, and somewhere down the road, we will experience the betrayal of people that we trust.

Yet we continue to have faith in God. Continue the small act of kindness, continue to trust the mysterious will of the Lord, and Continue to bring hope to people. 

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