Power of Words

Matthew 8:5-13

There is a saying that “A pen is mightier that a sword.” Throughout history, words have influenced people and not violence. A person who grew up with affirmation, is confident. Compare this to a person who grew up with criticism, as often criticism also comes out of the mouth.

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, the Centurion also acknowledges the power of the word: “Just only say the word and my servant will be healed.” The centurion was conscious enough not to have Jesus go to his place anymore. Since he was a gentile, that would make Jesus ritually unclean. Hence, the power of the word. 

Today we continue to say Mass for our dad and lolo. Look at the wisdom of God: the last sense to go according to medicine is the hearing…hence three sets of words are most essential at this point:

  1. “Thank you for everything” – Often we take for granted our parents until we become parents ourselves. Then we see and realize all the love, all the sacrifices, all the giving and the all the forgiving. We got irritated when they would ask us to call at night only for us to demand this to our very own kids.
  2. “I love you” – Sure all of us love our parents, but we take it for granted that they know it. Nothing beats sincere words coming out of our very own mouths. Of course, when we talk about love, forgiving and asking for forgiveness is part of it. 
  3. “We will be okay” Certainly a father will always be a father. By default, he will always take care of the family. Now that that is coming to an end, it is still the children and their welfare in mind. “We will be okay and will watch over each and every one.”

Words are very powerful, especially when it comes from the heart:

“Thank you for everything.”

“I love you.”  

“We will be okay, watching over each other.”

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