Father’s Day

When Jesus was asked by his disciples, “Teach us how to pray” He started the prayer with the words, “Abba, Father.” The Jews were surprised because all the while they thought that God was an angry God. Hence, they had all these burnt offerings, animal offerings, and crop offerings simply to appease whom they thought was an angry God. Then here is Jesus telling us that God is our Father. Hence, when Jesus teaches about God, He is basically teaching about His personal relationship and experience with God the Father.

Three qualities about God the Father:

  1. First, when Christ taught “Fear No One,” He knew that God is our strength. That is why Jesus was able to face all his detractors, that is why Jesus was able to do his mission, and that is why Jesus was able to go through passion and death. His strength came from God.
  2. Second, the words of Christ, “Be afraid of the one who can destroy both the body and soul in Gehenna.” He knew that God is Just. Hence, Jesus would always teach about the Kingdom of God and how to attain it. “Whatever you do to the least of your brethren, you did unto me.”
  3. Third, the words of Christ, “You are worth more than two sparrows” He knows God cares. For one who sees things in the eyes of faith, Jesus always knew that His Father will never abandon him. 

Whenever uncertainty gets the better of us in everything that is happening to us, to the country, and to the world, we call on God. He IS our strength, who is just and will never abandon us:

Being Father’s day this Sunday, we too remember our own fathers, whether they are still on earth or have moved on to the next life: 

  • For the times our fathers challenged us to be a better person despite our fears and insecurities. Yes, he is our strength and believed in us.
  • For the times we thought he was not fair only to realize later on that he was just.
  • For the times we took him for granted only to find sooner that he did everything and anything to provide for us. 

In talking about fathers, there is also the reality of fatherly wounds. The lives of the family have been altered because of this. We pray for compassion, healing, and forgiveness. We too, pray that the pain from wounds caused by a father ends with us, sparing the next generation.  

In the end, one of the best compliments is when people say, “You are like your dad.” Our Father in Heaven and our father on earth.

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