Rediscovering Childhood Joy

Many of us would agree that our childhood days were the happiest. To start with, it was simple. All we cared for were our food, toys, friends, and TV. We took it for granted that our parents would always be there. Not much to worry about.

As we grew older though, we supposedly have become more intelligent and wiser. If so, how come there is now more fear, anxiety, and worry? How come as we grow older, suddenly pessimism creeps into our lives? Because of this, we lose joy.

Hence, the Gospel is often very beautiful because it brings us back to the basics of joy in life. In this case, the challenge is to be childlike and not childish. Herewith are three qualities of a child:

  1. Trusting their parents. For a child, as long as they know that their parents are around, nothing else matters, and nothing can go wrong. They don’t see the humanity of their parents because they are full of trust. To find true joy in life, the challenge is to trust God. His ways are different from ours and so is His time, but then again, He knows what is best.
  2. Dependence. It is said that of all the animals in the world, human beings included, the longest to take care of is the human being. Notice, even after we are born into the earth, we still rely on our parents. To find true joy in life, the challenge is to be dependent on God. Let us not mistake the intelligence and resources that he has given us as an excuse to be independent. Let us not mistake the extreme mercy of God as an excuse not to depend on him.
  3. Humility – Children are used to being on the sidelines. Children are often told: “don’t talk when someone is talking;” “Go call your father;” or “Please clean up your mess.” They hardly exalt themselves. To find true joy in life, the challenge is to humble oneself – putting other people first. Further, humble people find it easier to serve.

My dear friends, the Gospel also talks about the kingdom of God. It should be an event that is worth waiting for – something to be expected with Joy. Hence this is one of the challenges of the Gospel. To be joyful in life. This can only be attained with humility, dependence, and trusting God. Indeed, when one is joyful, the kingdom of God is here.

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