Who is Family?

Part of our humanity is that we are attracted to people who are popular, rich, famous, and powerful. Hence, many people name drop that they are related to this person and to that person.

In a town, people would like to be related to the mayor. In a parish, people would like to be related to the parish priest. In a company, people would like to be related to the owners.

During the times of Jesus, he too was popular. Thousands of people would look for him. He too was powerful, healed the sick, and did so many miracles. Jesus was respected, as even the Chief Priests, the scribes, and Pharisees feared him. Hence, everyone wanted to be related to him.

Jesus tells us anyone who does the will of the Father is family. What is the will of the Father?

  1. Fulfill Our Mission. The Lord placed us here on earth because he has a specific mission and purpose for each of us. Due to this, He has blessed us with time, talent and treasure. We can only use these blessings well if we are faithful to the mission, purpose and calling God has given us.
  2. Follow The Commandments. God has given us commandments. Jesus also has given us commandments. In fact, the greatest of all commandments is to love of God and neighbor.
  3. Avoid Sin. Sins are the things that we do or do not do, that move us away from God. In the story of the Prodigal Son, Jesus reminds us that God is waiting for our humility to ask for forgiveness. 

May we remember first to pray for our family. With different personalities, different characters, and different priorities, may God be the center of our family lives. Second, with our baptism, may we become children of God and part of the only church that Christ founded on earth. Third, may we do the will of the Lord in our daily lives: be faithful in the mission, follow His commandments, and avoid sin.

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