When the Lord Changes Your Plans

These past two years, there were certainly many people whose plans were altered by the pandemic. Travel plans that were made months earlier had to be canceled. Business plans for expansion or growth had to be postponed. Certain jobs or career moves were reconsidered. Naturally, when this happens, fear is experienced. Why? Change of plans! Eventually, fear becomes expressed by anger. 

They say that life is a journey and yes, expect things not to work out the way we always plan. In other words, the Lord does change our plans. In the Christmas story, two women had their plans in life changed. Elizabeth, who was old and barren, suddenly found herself pregnant, and Mary, who was young and unmarried suddenly found herself pregnant too. Joseph, who was supposed to get married to Mary but found her with child, also had his plans changed.  Yes, these could be fearful and frightening experiences. Change of plans means a crisis in a person’s life.

When the Lord changes your plans, three things we remember:

  1. Remember God has a plan. The Lord has a plan for each person. Each has a purpose and a mission. Hence, the Lord will alter our plans only because His plan is the best. As human beings, we only look at life between good fortune or misfortune, but with the Lord, who has a grand plan, all happens for a reason or a purpose.
  2. Do not Regret. How many of us always look back at life with regrets. The many “If only this and if only that.”  When something is meant to be ours, God will always find ways to provide. If some things are not meant for us, not matter what we do, it will never be ours.
  3. Acceptance. When we find our plans have changed, the first thing that happens is to be filled with fear. After the fear follows anger. How many of us go through life angry, blaming God and other people? Hurting them also hurts oneself. Accept the mysterious ways of the Lord.

May we realize that while we are still in this world, the journey continues. In this journey, there will be many experiences. When God changes our plans, we too should change our hearts so that we can trust him. Remember God has a plan, have no regrets, and always have acceptance.

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