Trusting God in All Things

There is a saying that wherever the child goes, the mom goes. If the child goes astray, one can feel the pain in the mother’s heart. If the son gets anxious because of things not turning out the way they should be, you can imagine the anxiety of the mother as well. If a child gets very sick, how many mothers would say, “ako nalang and not my child”. On the other hand, if the son is respected and popular, you can sense the pride and joy of the mother. 

In a Gospel story, people were praising mother Mary for raising a very fine person. What does Jesus say? What is most important with his mother was that she held on to the words of God. What is the most important with Mama Mary is that she trusted God.

In our situation, three ways we can trust God.

  1. We can trust God in the challenges of life. In Jeremiah we are told “For I know the plans I have for you.” We look at life as good or bad. In the eyes of faith, we look at life as all happens for a reason and purpose.
  2. We can trust God in the mission he has given us. Jesus would always say, “…not my will but the will of the Father”. No matter how difficult the mission is, if it is from God, nothing is impossible.
  3. We can trust with eternal life. While we are strong and active, we do not give much thought of eternal life until happiness. When we are prepared for eternal life, life becomes simpler. When we are prepared for eternal life, life becomes meaningful because all is borrowed and temporary, hence reminding us to live each day to the fullest. When there is eternal life, we are given something to live for and reason to do good.

That is why as we continue our journey, we remember that more than good luck or bad luck, we look at life in the eyes of faith:

  • God has a plan
  • God has a mission
  • God has a home for us

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