Our Lady of Guadalupe

On Dec 9, 1531, our Lady appeared to Juan Diego at the Tepeyac Hill and asked that a Shrine be built. Juan Diego told the bishop, but he did not initially believe. He asked for a sign. On Dec. 12, the Virgin reappeared to Juan Diego and ordered him to collect roses in his tilmátli, a kind of cloak. Juan took the roses to the bishop and when he opened his cloak, dozens of roses fell to the floor and revealed the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe imprinted on the inside. The tilmátli with the image is on display in the Basilica de Guadalupe.

What is the significance of the Our Lady of Guadalupe?

  1. Conversion to God. Just when millions of Europeans were leaving the Church, Mama Mary’s appearance in Mexico converted millions of people to Christianity.
  2. Spiritual Mother. Mary’s words to Juan Diego: “All those who sincerely ask my help in their work and in their sorrow will know my Mother’s Heart in this place. Here I will see their tears; I will console them and they will be at peace.”  She also told Juan Diego: “What is troubling you? Am I not your mother?”
  3. Miracle. The tilma is said to be miraculous in the way it has been made.
    • The image was not painted by human hands
    • The tilma maintains a temperature of 36 degrees centigrade (same as human beings)
    • The eyes have 13 human figures sketched in them. 

We are reminded that God will do everything and anything for us to be saved. The events of Our Lady of Guadalupe remind us that God will even send his Mother, whom he loves so dearly, to guide us, to pray for us, and to pray with.

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