From Doubt to Joy

In all our relationships, doubt always plays a part. There will be a time when:

  • A lover will doubt whether his or her partner is faithful
  • An employer will doubt whether his or her employee can be trusted
  • A business partner will doubt whether the other partner is honest

Even for a while, John the Baptist doubted: “Are you the Christ or will we wait for another one?” He gave his life for God and nothing seemed to be happening.

Even for us, there were times in our lives that we doubted God: “Why is God not answering my prayers?”, “I have not hurt anyone, why did this happen to me?”, “If God is real, why is there so much evil in the world?”

Three things we can do when we doubt:

  1. God’s ways is different from man’s ways. John the Baptist was expecting someone very kingly and very powerful, who would take Israel from the Romans, but God’s ways are not man’s ways. What matters is the person: the blind can see, the lame can walk, and the sick is cured. God has a plan.
  2. God’s timing is different from man’s time. One of the things we do not want is to wait. Lord, when will you reign? Look at evil doers, loud, bold and getting ahead in this world. God’s time is different from our time and he works silently. God’s time is perfect!
  3. Good will always prevail. Why is there so much negativity in the world? In this world there are two realms, the material and the spiritual realm. Satan knows that his time is near. Hence, all these damages to humanity. Do not lose hope, as good will always prevail.

This weekend we celebrate Gaudete Sunday. This is the Sunday of Joy. How can one be joyful when one is doubting? May we realize that joy can never come from the outside. It is an act that comes from the inside. Whatever happens outside, stays outside, but what is important is inside. Deep in our hearts and minds, we should always remember good will always prevail, God’s time is perfect, and God has a plan.

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