Part of God’s love for us and His desire is that we are saved. He has sent prophets throughout our Salvation History. Prophets are people called by God to teach His commandments, warn against sin, and prophesy of the future. 

Some of the most known prophets in the Bible are:

  • Noah, who spoke about the punishment of God
  • Moses, who warned the pharaoh of the death of the first-born children
  • Jeremiah, who warned of destruction of those who continued to live in sin

Later this week, the Gospel will feature John the Baptist. Many of the Prophets talked about the coming of the Messiah, but he is considered the greatest. Why? Because he saw the Messiah in flesh and blood. He saw Jesus in person and even baptized him.

Three things we can learn from the life of the greatest prophet:

  1. God has a plan. The mother of John was Elizabeth and his father was Zechariah. Elizabeth was barren and old, yet she conceived John. Why so late? God has a plan. Trust his perfect timing.
  2. Persecution. Since John the Baptist spoke the truth, many people were hurt. Eventually, Herod had him jailed and then simply killed because he told Herod it was not right to marry his brother’s wife.
  3. Humility. John preached the good news and became very popular. They even asked him if he was the messiah. To this he said no. He accepted who he was and he knew what his role was.

My dear friends, now more than ever, we are called to go to all the ends of the earth and spread the good news. Nowadays it is not easy. If we speak the truth, we will be bashed; if we speak the truth, we will be told to mind our own business; if we speak the truth, it can cost us our lives. Yet, we have to stand up and do our part. It is better to just light one little candle than to curse the darkness.

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