In ordinary times, by this time of the year, we would have planned already for 2022. In our personal lives, we would have already determined the trips we would take, the milestones to be celebrated, the major projects to pursue, and the major purchases to be made. In our professional lives, we would plan the projects, the major decisions that we would make, and the major decisions to make.

However, everything has been put to a halt. Why? We do not know what the future holds. Will the pandemic ever end? Will there be countless new COVID variants? What happens if the whole country is not vaccinated? Will public life ever return to normal? There is joblessness, fear, anxiety, and worry. We do not know what the future holds. In other words, we cannot see the future. We are blind.

In one of the Gospel stories, there were two blind men who were cured by Jesus. Three things they did well:

  • First, they never lost hope. One of the most difficult of human experiences is being sick. More so, being blind, as we cannot see where we are going and we are dependent on other people. It seemed the two blind men never lost hope though. When they had the opportunity to encounter Jesus, they grabbed it.
  • Second, they cried out. In other words, they sought the Lord. In all the uncertainty that we experience in our personal and professional lives, we should seek the Lord in prayer. We ask for guidance especially in the decisions we have to make. Surely, there will always be an inspiration and guidance from God.
  • Third, they had faith. Faith is whether our prayers are answered or not. The blind men knew with God nothing is impossible and that they would not be abandoned.

The two blind men were eventually able to see: This is what we pray for in our second year of the pandemic, that we may see.

  • First, may we see what is important and what is fleeting in life.  May we see that the many things that count in life are the things that cannot be counted – faith, hope and love.
  • Second, may we see that all our lives are intertwined. If one is a blessing, humanity is blessed, but if one takes advantage of others, humanity suffers. We cannot be indifferent; we have to care. People need people.
  • Third, may we see that God is in control. We look back when all this started and we look at ourselves now. How did we manage? It was not easy. Many people deal with fear, anxiety, worry and depression. Yet even when life has changed, in God’s mysterious ways, we are being sustained. 

People say that seeing is believing. With the Lord, believing is seeing.

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