Giving and Trusting

Mark 12: 38-44

It is said that the biggest charitable institution in the world is the Roman Catholic Church, which operates more than 140,000 schools, 10,000 orphanages, 5,000 hospitals, and some 16,000 other health clinics. Where does the money to help out come from? It is from its members that give.

The Gospel gives an example of a widow who gave a few coins versus the rich who gave a lot of money. From this act, there are things that Jesus would like to remind us:

  1. When we give, do not consider it a loss. St. Francis once said, “It is in giving that we receive.” When one gives, life has ways of paying back. “He who sows sparingly reaps sparingly.” When life pays back, remember it is not only by way of material blessings.
  2. When we give to the Church, we give to God. When we give to God we should be reminded of reality. He cannot be outdone in generosity as He is the creator and source of blessings.  
  3. God is greater than money. The thing that Jesus very much appreciated from the widow was that she trusted God. She did not have work and she only had a few coins. Yet what does she do? She gives it all to the Church. Do you think that God who is all good, will abandon the widow?

Let us always remember to thank God for all of our material blessings. They are only lent to us. These material blessings are not only meant for our use but also for our neighbors.

We can only share and we can only give when we trust God more than money. Remember money is limited but God is all-powerful.

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