At God’s Given Time

John 8: 12-20

The Book of Daniel talks about two judges who “suppressed their consciences”, yet ended up giving in to wrongful ways. Look at the damage they did to the life of Susanna, to cover up for their own sins. How many of us have been victims of the sins of others, which then lead our lives to suddenly plunge into darkness?

Yet, Susanna did something that we can all learn from. She did not compromise her morals and values and she held on to God. We see how the Lord works in mysterious ways when eventually, the truth came out.

Hence, my dear friends, should we be a victim of other people’s “suppressed conscience”, three things we can remember.

  1. Hold on to God Through Prayer. When we go through trials in life, especially the ones that we feel that are so unfair, we also ask God, “Why?” We even get mad at the Lord sometimes. However, if we are faithful to Him, holding on to God in prayer, we will get to see his faithfulness.
  2. Hold on to God and Do What is Right. Susanna had the option of compromising her morals and just give the judges what they wanted, but she knew that one sin cannot be solved by another sin. She trusted the Lord and did what was right.
  3. Hold on to God and Wait in Hope. Susanna was on the point of death. “Where is the Lord?” “Will He let me die?” “Did evil really prosper?” Look at how the Lord worked through Daniel.

May we remember the words of Jesus in the Gospel that “He is the Light of the World.” If you think of the many, many problems in the world, it is due to the fact that we have taken out God in our lives. We consist of Flesh and Spirit, and we have taken out the Spiritual Component in our lives and in our society. If there is so much darkness it is only because we have taken out the “Light of the World.” The experience of Susanna testifies to this.

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