Mother Mary’s Birthday

Ed. note: This was a mass homily given at LaSalle campus, hence the student-athlete references.

Luke 4:31-37

Many years ago, a book by the title of A Purpose Driven Life came out and became a bestseller. The message was simple yet very profound, especially in a world that puts value in money, fame, and prestige. We are reminded that we are born to this world because we have a mission and a purpose. In other words, God has a plan for each and every one of us. 

Today we celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. Like each life, God had a plan for our Mother. Remember when Adam and Eve sinned, the very first promise of God was to send the Messiah. How was the Messiah to be brought into this world? Through the womb of Mama Mary.

Hence when Angel Gabriel told Mary about this, she was at first greatly disturbed and fear enveloped her. “How can this be?” In the end, however, she trusted the Lord. “I am not sure how this will all work out but God can be trusted”. If you think about it, here is Mary being given a great, great privilege, but with the weight of an enormous responsibility. Yet she trusted God.

This Mass is dedicated for you, my dear Lasallian athletes. You too have the great, great privilege of representing the school. Especially nowadays because of social media and TV coverage, you become famous. Your names become household names and people beyond the school will recognize you and even ask for a selfie.

Remember like Mary – trust God and three reasons why we should do so:

  1. Trust God because everything happens for a reason and purpose. All of us want to win and have worked hard for this. We have trained and practiced countless hours. Whatever happens throughout the season, up or down, joy or pain, injury or healthy, victory or defeat. Trust God, as everything happens for a reason and a purpose.
  2. Trust God because he brought you to this situation and has given you enormous talent. Your gaze should be on the Lord. Remember Peter. The moment fear got the better of him, he began to sink. Hence, Jesus reprimanded him, “Why did you doubt?” When we trust God, we will always do our best. Regardless of the situation and circumstances, indeed “Never shall we fail.”
  3. Trust God beyond sports. One day, all the applause and cheers will die down. Someone else will replace us. Life is a journey and we eventually have to move on and let go. Hence one of the best virtues we should nurture when we are on top of our game is HUMILITY. As the saying goes, more talent less ego.

Let us always remember to look back and be grateful for all the people who have helped us get to where we are now, and trust our unknown future to a known God.

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