According to the World Health Organization, in 2018, there were about 246 million people with eyesight problems. Further, 39 million of those, are blind. 

We all know this: one of the hardest things is to lose our sense of sight. You will never see the beauty of the world, you will never see what your loved ones look like, you cannot go from one place to another, and you are dependent always on other people. 

Hence in the Gospel, we hear of God’s compassion and power by healing a person who was blind.

Most of us, thank God, are not physically blind, but there is one blindness we should watch out for – spiritual blindness. By spiritual blindness, we become blind to God’s hand in everything that is happening in the world.

Three of the many reasons for our spiritual blindness:

  1. My will and not God’s will. When Jesus was on earth he knew he had a mission and was faithful to it, even until death on the cross. He would always say, “My father’s will and not mine.” Due to his faithfulness to the will of God, he saw how God would always guide, provide and give strength, especially in the most difficult of times.
  2. Ignorance to matters of faith. Our faith is 21 centuries old. Our Church is the only Church Christ founded. We were born Catholics and most likely, we die as Catholics, but have we really studied our faith?
  3. Anger. One of the most poisonous emotions is anger. An angry person does not see God in his life; he has broken relations and always carries the wounds of anger which he throws to all the people around him/her. When a person is angry, he/she cannot do the most important of all commandments – Love of God and Love of Neighbor.

May we pray that we see the hand of God in everything that is happening in the world, in the country, and in our own personal lives. Despite how evil seemingly prevails, God has a plan in everything. Good will always prevail.

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