People Who Put You Down

There is a saying that people need people. Yet, one of the most painful realities is when people put other people down. How many of us still have the words playing in our minds, “You are never good enough”, “Bobo or inutil”, or “You are are a mistake.”

In the Gospel, there was blind man who wanted to see. He was badly in need of healing, yet there were people who not only did not help, but even told him to keep quiet. There were people who were putting him down. 

Three things that we can do when people put us down:

  1. People who are insecure will always put down. Why? They feel that they are “down” and they want everyone else to be where they want to be. Hence, move away from these people. They have nothing positive to give in your life.
  2. Remember with God, nothing is impossible. Even if so many people put you down, if it is God’s plan, nothing can stop it. If you have discerned God’s will, then always trust Him. Further, like the blind man in the Gospel, Jesus always knows what we are going through.
  3. Analyze between criticism versus being put down. Criticism is about facts, putting down is a lack of kindness to the person. Criticisms are helpful if the person is open, but putting down is never constructive.

May we always be reminded to never lose hope in life. There will be so many obstacles and some of the most difficult can be the people around us. Remember that God is in control and his plan will always push through.

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