Separation of Church and State

We have always heard the line that there should be separation of Church and State. In other words, the Church should not meddle with the affairs of the State. 

To begin with, the meaning of “the Separation of the Church and State” according to the constitution, is that the State cannot dictate to her citizens what religion they are to follow. Nothing more and nothing less. 

On the other hand though, the Church, which is composed of both citizens and Christians, should actually be active in the affairs of the State. Why? Three reasons:

  1. First, Give to God what is God’s and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. In other words, it is our duty as citizens to support the government. Since God is in control, a duly elected leadership is from God.
  2. God has given us free will. Hence, even if the leadership is from God, like many kings of Israel, there are those who forget God and go astray. It is the duty of the Christians to speak up. Remember the saying, “all it needs for evil to prevail is for good people to keep quiet.”
  3. We are both body and soul. This cannot be separated. Many times, the government thinks without morality or what is right or what is wrong. Just look at the bills that have passed or are being considered: death penalty, divorce, and same sex marriage. These not only go against the teachings of the Church but also against the dignity of a person.

Hence, let us pray that: 

  • Whatever our political affiliation is, we pray for our leaders. 
  • We should never wish them ill or treat them as enemies. It is God who will answer your prayers.
  • If we want a better world, we have to fight for it. Not only physically but also spiritually. Remember that in 1984 the USSR was dissolved and the Berlin wall was taken down. Why? That was the only time that the Immaculate Heart of Mary was consecrated to Russia so that it would not spread its errors of communism.

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