Things People Do for Money

On YouTube, there was once a social experiment of “What People Will Do For Money.” Indeed, there were many funny things that people will do, such as: 

  • Swimming in a public fountain
  • Cross dressing and dancing during a public rally
  • Asking a lady on a date while she is with her husband

And yes, many other things that one can imagine.

While the things people do will bring the audience to laughter, the deeper meaning perhaps will not. What the show wanted to prove is that for a certain amount, people will do these things. In other words, it was proof that everyone has a price.

Hence, the words of Christ, “What profit does it gain a person to have the whole world, but lose His soul.”

Three reflections on money and eternal life:

  1. Money has limitations. In fact, we came into the world without anything and we are leaving the world with nothing. Money may be used in our everyday lives but it not worth being made “god.” Just look at the many broken relationships of those lives who made money their “god.” 
  2. Money and the true riches. Every now and then, we see on various media the lifestyles of the rich and famous: their mansions, their clothes, the cars/planes/yachts, and the lavish parties. What good are all of these though, if we have not blessed other people’s lives? In the eyes of the the Lord, the truly rich are those who know how to share and forgive.
  3. Money and happiness. We think money is the answer to our happiness. Notice the bad habits though, and lack of satisfaction. After the first watch, we will be looking for the second watch; after the new cellphone, we will be looking forward to the latest cellphone; after the Spring sale, we will be looking forward to the Summer sale. True happiness is when we go for things that cannot be counted – happiness, forgiveness, generosity, hope, faith, and love.

Hence we must realise that in a world wherein nothing is permanent, let us only hold on to God. Just as Jesus did, in God only should we trust. If there are people who will do everything and anything for money, may we be people who will do everything and anything for God.

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