A friend was once asked, “Why do you pray to saints and Mama Mary?” To this, he explained by asking questions: 

  • Have you ever asked a friend to pray for you? 
  • Do you believe in heaven?
  • If a soul is in heaven with God, isn’t that soul very much alive?
  • Can I ask a soul in heaven that is very much alive to pray for me?

In discussing heaven, this Sunday we will celebrate the Assumption – Mary being assumed to heaven body and soul. What three relevant things can we put to mind with this feast?

  1. There IS a heaven. Hence, we are only passing by in this life. All things in this present world and life will come to pass. As Jesus told his disciples, “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.”
  2. We have an Intercessor. The bible says that the prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. Mary is most blessed among women and “All generations will call me blessed.” Hence, when she prays for us, it is very powerful. Further, the very first miracle of Jesus was because of Mama Mary’s intercession.
  3. We have a Mother in heaven. We Catholics are very fortunate because we have a spiritual mother in heaven. We know mothers only want what is best for their children. For the past centuries, Mama Mary had so many apparitions and her messages were typical:
    1. We are hurting God with our sins
    2. Listen to her Son Jesus
    3. Pray the Rosary and Conversion. 

Hence in this Sunday’s Mass, as we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, let us remember that where our mother is now, as one day we shall be too. Only if we listen to Jesus.

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