The Power of Prayer

Matthew 9:1-8

The people today live on what we can call the best of times. They have iPads, cellphones, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Twenty years ago, these things were not a reality. Yet, despite all the wonders of technology, there is one thing that still has to be addressed – stress, anxiety, and worry. Just listen to the news or just open your eyes to what is going on around your city. 

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, we hear of Jesus healing a paralytic because of the faith of his friends. The Gospel gives us pointers on how to live life in these times:

  1. The importance of having TRUE friends. People need people, and how fortunate it is for a person to find true friends. A true friend reaches out to the one who is in need. In the Gospel, the paralytic was healed because of the faith of his friends. This is a reminder on how to choose the right friends – those who are God fearing.
  2. Praying for Others. Yes, all of us have our own concerns and challenges. All of us have our own needs. However, a person who prays for others is true friend. When we pray for others we do one of the most charitable things that can be done, and we can show our concern for others by sharing our time, talent, and treasure.
  3. Forgiveness. When times are stressful and full of anxiety, often we get hurt. The Gospel reminds us of the importance of forgiveness. When we do this, we do not carry the burden anymore, we bring it to the Lord. 

May we thank God for Family and true friends that we have. We cannot make it in this life alone. We pray that we, too, become a true friend to others – being there for those who are in need and praying for them.

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