About three times a year, I go up to Baguio with 2 of my closest priest friends. This is an opportunity to relax, read, pray and eat. About 4 years ago we learned that one of our favorite restaurants in Baguio, Star Café, closed down. It was founded in 1940, yet was closing down because none of the children are interested in running the restaurant. Nobody in the next generation would like to continue the business. 

In the Gospel, Jesus knew that He would not be here on earth forever. He knew that someone else must continue the ministry. What does he do? After a night of prayer, He chooses twelve apostles.

Three things about the Apostles:

  • First, they come from different backgrounds: some were fishermen, one was a tax collector, one was a zealot, etc. 
  • Second, they were people of simple means. With the exception of Matthew who was a tax collector and a rich man, the others were simple people. 
  • Certainly, they had different personalities and were very human. They argued among themselves about who was the greatest and they asked Jesus what was in for them since they left everything behind. They too were slow in learning from Jesus. 

Yet, what made them all similar:

  • They were all called by Jesus. They were called by name.
  • All of them were faithful to the end in following Christ, except for one, Judas. In fact all of the apostles were martyred, except for John.
  • All twelve apostles were able to build the Church and continue the work of God, the followed Christ.

In this Mass, we must realize

  1. All of us are called by God.
  2. All of us were lent time, talent and treasure.
  3. May we be faithful until the end.

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