Doing Anything and Everything

Luke 16:1-18

One sad reality of today’s generation is the reality of greed. 

  • If the weather patterns have changed (Climate Change), one could ask oneself, “How can people carelessly cut so many trees and not even plant new trees in return?” 
  • If there is a huge disparity of wealth, one could ask oneself, “How come countries and people just accumulate and forget to share?”
  • If there is so much injustice in society, one could ask oneself, “How come we forget that all our lives are intertwined?”

St. Luke’s Gospel talks about Stewardship. Three things that we should remember:

  1. God sees everything. Whatever we do, we must remember that God sees it all. People may not know it but God knows and sees. Further, in the end, we will have to give an account of how we used our time, talent, and treasure. 
  2. Nurture a Heart of Gratitude. All that we have is only lent to us. We are not entitled to anything as we came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. When one is grateful, one becomes content. When one is content, one becomes an instrument of sharing. 
  3. Make a Better World. When one is a good steward and shares, the world becomes a better place. Since all our lives are intertwined, we all benefit from people’s good deeds and intentions.

May we pray that we be good steward. Remember that we never own anything in this life and that all is grace, all is lent.

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