Who Are The Truly Blessed?

Lately we hear of well-known individuals who commit suicide. They had money, they had fame, they had a future, and they had friends all over the place. Why have hopelessness then? Why suicide? Why take your life when in the eyes of the world you are supposed to successful and happy?

Let us remember that as human beings, we are body and soul. If something is wrong with the body, it affects the soul; if something is wrong with soul, it affects the body. Hence, we must never forget to hold on to our faith. It is not that we will not be spared from all the challenges, problems and pains of life, but we will always have God to hold on to. Amidst all the challenges, problems and pains in life, people who hold on to God are truly blessed.

This month marks two years since a priest-friend from Cabanatuan, Fr. Richmond Nilo, was gunned down after celebrating the Mass. Hence, in these times, we trust God among others with three things:

  1. First, that Fr. Richmond be given eternal peace and rest. Certainly, like you and me, he had his shortcomings, his mistakes, and his sins. We hold on to the mercy of God which is as far as the East is from the West.
  2. Second, that there is something good that will come out of his death and the other deaths of priests. Not only in this country but all over the world. We remember the words, “unless a seed dies, it remains just a seed.”
  3. Third, He will not abandon his Church. While it is the most persecuted institution in the world, while it is the target of the devil, while it is composed of 1 percent ordained and 99 percent lay, God will continue to guide, bless, and watch over the Church. May be she continue to be faithful in her mission of running hospitals, orphanages, schools and NGOs. May she continue to speak on behalf of those who are disadvantaged. May she continue to bring faith, hope and love in a world that has lost its moral compass.

Yes, even in these difficult and fearful times, with God we are truly blessed.

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