Seeing Father

Every now and then, a reunion is featured of families that were separated for various reasons. Brother to brother, sister to sister, parents to child. The desire is strongest when it is about child wanting to see their parents. Even if the child is in a much better situation there is always the nagging question:  “Why was I given away?” On the side of the parents wanting to see their child, the nagging question is “Do you forgive me for what I have done?” “It was the best thing to do in that situation and our lives have never been the same again without you.”

In discussing children who want to see their parents, the Gospel shows us an example with the request of Philip, “Show us the Father.”

Three reflections on the response of Christ:

  1. No one has seen the Father, but Jesus assures us that He does exist. Jesus reminds Philip that all the miracles, healings, and preaching were because of the Father.
  2. Whoever has seen Jesus has seen the Father: Because the Father is pure spirit, we cannot see him. Yet, He gave us his only son. Despite our limitations, we know what the Father is like in the words and deeds of His son. In other words, God is not an angry God which the Jews thought, but one that is loving, merciful and compassionate.
  3. When Jesus said that, “the Father is in me and I am in the Father”, it reminds us that God is real and he does exist. In fact, He answers all our prayers if we ask in Jesus’ name.

Hence in each Mass we must always remember that God does exist. He is loving and merciful and he answers our prayers. This is most important especially when our lives are undergoing so many challenges and problems.

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