To the One Who Has More

Luke 8: 16-18

It is said that one of the biggest problems of the world is the unequal distribution of the wealth. According to Fortune Magazine, the top 5 countries which had the greatest unequal distribution of wealth in 2014 were as follows: 5. Austria, 4. Indonesia, 3. U.K, 2. Sweden, and 1. USA. In these countries, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. In other words, money begets more money. 

In discussing the rich becoming richer, this too was a message of St. Luke’s Gospel, but it is not about money. Jesus was talking about WISDOM. If a person has wisdom, the more blessings he or she will have. On the other hand, if a person has no wisdom, whatever he or she has, will be taken away. 

Three reflections then, so that we can become people of WISDOM.

  1. Remember that the ways of God are different from Man. If man is about revenge, God is about forgiveness; If man is about accumulating, God is about sharing; a fool’s trust is in the material, while the wise trust in God.
  2. A wise man has God as the most important person in his life. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” The fool may be successful in this world, but he forgets that we came into this world and we are leaving this world with nothing as well. 
  3. Accountability. The fool would say that life is only about our life on earth. Hence when we die, it is the end of life. The wise is reminded that at the end of life, the sheep will be separated from the goat. As Christ said, the basis of eternal life is “Whatever you did to the least of my brethren.”

If you look at the world today, there is so much trouble. Why? We have taken away God in our lives. If only we realize how many graces the Mass has. If we can do Facebook or watch TV or drink coffee with friends everyday for 2 hours , why can’t we hear Mass for 30 minutes? Or reflect on the Word of God? That is why we pray that in Mass, while we are in the world, may we not be of this world. As St. Philip Neri said, “I prefer HEAVEN.”

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