Do You Love Me?

When it comes to numbers, the Jews are one of the best as they are and as they were. Hence, in the bible, all the numbers cited have a meaning. One example is that there are a lot of threes in the bible: God has three persons: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months. Jesus rose on the third day. Three signifies completeness or perfection.

Jesus asks Peter in the Bible, “Do you love me?” three times. Each day of our lives, Jesus shows his love for us:

  1. The Gift of Life. In the book Purpose Driven Life we are reminded that each life is valuable and has a purpose. May we continue to be faithful to the mission that God has given us. May we continue to serve others. After all, that is the only thing we will be remembered by.
  2. All that Happens, Happens for a Reason. Many things can happen to us, which can be unexpected and difficult. At times, we feel that we have hit rock bottom. Since God loves us though, everything happens for a reason and purpose. If he has bailed us out before, there is no reason he will not bail us out this time again and in the future. Never lose hope. After Good Friday, Easter Sunday always follows.
  3. Relationships. All the people we encounter in our lives have a reason and a purpose. Some make us happy, while others give us valuable lessons in life. It is relationships that put meaning in our lives. Since there is a time for hello and a time for goodbyes, never take relationships for granted.

When we do the most loving thing that can be done, we cannot be wrong. Hence let us always remember to count our blessings: the Gift of life, the reasons to be hopeful, and our family and loved ones.

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