Money and Relationships

Once I blessed a new and beautiful office. Before the blessing started the owners related to me the story behind the office. There was a time that they, the couple, separated because they were always fighting. What was the reason of their fighting? They had a good friend and business partner whom they trusted. Eventually however, they found out that he was stealing money from the business to the point of bankruptcy. In other words, the couple was left with nothing. They reached a point where they had two options: just go separate ways or stick together and start the business anew. They opted to start anew until all the hard work eventually bore fruit.

Upon hearing the story, we realize what greed can do to relationships. How many couples, families, friendships and business partners have strained relationships because of greed? In fact, we know that it was Judas who betrayed Jesus and this was because of greed and money.   

Three reflections when we experience the greed of people, whom we previously trusted:

  1. God is in control. In the life of Jesus, it was very painful to be betrayed and even sold out to his enemies, yet Jesus trusted God because He is in control.
  2. “Do not grieve; anything that you lose comes around in another form.” In other words, if a blessing was yours, it will always return to you. Hence, continue to do whatever your calling is. Beneath any crisis there is always a blessing.
  3. Forgive. It is very painful to be betrayed. Yet, we have to forgive, most especially ourselves. Otherwise all our relationships will be compromised and affected.

The passion and death of Christ started with thirty silver coins. We must remember that God can change tragedy to victory. This is one of the most beautiful messages of Holy Week. Hence for anybody reading this who has been betrayed because of money: Trust God, continue to be a blessing, and forgive.

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