When Adam and Eve sinned, the very first promise of the Lord was a Messiah. Certainly, God knew that the Messiah would be born through a Woman. Certainly, God knew that the woman would be Mama Mary. However there was one thing that God did not know – if Mama Mary would say yes or no.

While Mary eventually said yes, despite her fears and uncertainty, we are reminded that God respects us and respects our “free will.” God will never force anything on a person. God will never blackmail a person. God will never possess a person. Simply, because God respects our free will.

Three things about Free Will.

  1. Love is about Free Will. We cannot force love. It should be a natural and free response. If Mary was forced to say yes, this was not out of love. Despite the fears and the worry, because of love, Mary still said yes.
  2. There is heaven because of Free Will. But there is also hell because of Free Will. If God is good, why is there hell? The response is that if people do not wish to be with God, God respects that, albeit with extreme sadness.
  3. God is perpetually waiting for us to come back to him. While it pains God to see us go astray, we cannot do much. He is waiting for our “yes” to come back to him. 

Tomorrow is the Annunciation. Let us remember that all of us have free will, but this free will only become a reality if we follow God. Otherwise, if we turn away from God, what was supposed to be freedom, becomes slavery.

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