To Be Right or To Be Good

Each day in our lives we are confronted with decisions. In making the decisions, there are things to be considered: 

  • Is it good or is it bad? 
  • Is it about me or is it about my neighbor? 
  • Will I benefit from this or will I have to make a sacrifice?
  • Will there be a benefit soonest or will the benefit be in the long term?

In the Gospel, a situation occurs with the Pharisees where there were two options: To do what is right or to do what is good? What the Pharisees opted for was to do what was right. That was to follow what was written in the Sabbath. For Jesus, however, he did what was good. That was to heal someone who was sick

In our everyday lives, how do we do what is GOOD?

  1. First, the options that we are choosing from are not necessarily bad. To be faithful to the sabbath is not bad. In fact, it is meant to show love for God. Even when it is considered working, to heal a person is not bad either. In fact, it too shows love for God. 
  2. Second, in the decisions that we have to make, who benefits? Since the Pharisees stuck it out with the law of the Sabbath, no one benefitted, especially the sick. In doing good, the sick were healed hence Jesus was the one who benefitted. Further, this shows love for neighbor.
  3. Third, goodness is not only in words but also in deeds. While words are very important, our help would be complete if there were corresponding deeds.

Hence in each Mass, we ask for God’s guidance in the many decisions that we have to make. While it is good to be right, we often won’t be remembered by this. What people will remember is the goodness we have shown them.

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