Luke 7: 31-35

An interesting article I came across discusses the pros and cons of technology. On one hand, getting information nowadays is so easy. Just go to Google and information is readily available. 25 years ago, it could be months for one to get information that we can get now with just a click of a button.  While we may be more knowledgeable now though, the question is, “Are we any wiser?”

The Gospel talks about the lament of Jesus for the lack of wisdom of the people. They never saw God in all the experiences of life. 

These days one can say this is very true. We may have all the information but the question is, why are we not wiser. Why is the world applauding evil and abhorring the good? 

Three realities of life that can help us be people of wisdom:

  1. Change – In the book of Ecclesiastes we are told that everything has a time, everything has a purpose and everything has a season in heaven. Hence everything in life changes, but amidst all of this, God is constant.
  2. Collaborate – In the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), we are reminded that each person has his or her own talent. That talent is meant to be shared for the common good. That talent is meant to make the world a better place to live in. As a Church, we are one body made up of different parts. 
  3. Create – The Lord created the heavens and the earth. Hence, he is the author of life. His Words, therefore, are instructions of life. 

When the snake tempted Eve in the garden it told her that if you eat the forbidden fruit, “You Will be Like God.” How true is it that everyone is like God? In fact, no more God. Hence we should not be surprised if wisdom is lacking because the holy fear of the Lord is the start of Wisdom.

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