Devil vs Devil

The tongue is a very powerful tool – it can heal and it can also destroy. Sadly, there are people who use the tongue to put other people down. With this age of technology, it can even be worse. People now put down other people on social media. Worst, people also comment without knowing the whole story.

Even Jesus was not exempted from character assassination. He healed a possessed man and what did the Pharisees say? “He drives out demons by the prince of demons.” Why did the Pharisees confuse the power of Christ as the power of the demon? Because the devil always wants to mimic the divine. The devil is the great imitator.

Three of the many ways:

  1. Jesus healed. The demon can also heal. But why do people eventually have their third eye opened because they went to the faith healers and albularyos.
  2. Jesus did miracles. The demon does miracles too. When Moses tried to convince Pharaoh with signs from God, the magicians of Pharaoh were able also to do the same miracles. 
  3. Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God. The demon taught that “You are God.” 

This is how Eve was tempted and this is how Jesus was tempted in the desert and this is how we are all tempted.

In each Mass, we realize there is the realm that is unseen. And in that realm, there is good and evil. While God is victorious, we Christians have to be wise because the devil is always waiting for the opportunity to come into our lives.

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