In the Beginning

Once I was talking to an HR personnel of a multinational corporation and he was saying that in his company there was a move for gender classifications, identity, or expressions. Now they are talking about:

  • Bigender – someone’s identity encompasses man and woman
  • Agender – someone’s identity is either man or woman, or any other gender
  • Androgynous – someone’s identity cannot be distinguished as man or woman
  • Transgender – someone’s identity is different from the cultural and social expectation based on the sex they were assigned
  • Non-binary – someone who falls outside man or woman.

And the list continues…

Let us go back to basics, in the beginning, it was only very simple and very accurate – Man and Woman.

Also, in the beginning, it was very simple, there was only marriage. The Creator created man and woman and two became one. No human being must separate. Then again, because of the hardness of hearts, divorce comes in. When divorce breaks a marriage, the very first and main casualty is the children. According to studies, three effects on Children from a divorce:

  1. Emotional Instability. Due to the thought of being abandoned, Children are not that stable. They could have anger issues because of the absence of a parent or both parents.
  2. Academic Underachieving. When the grades and academic performance of a child go down drastically, findings would always show that this is due to family problems that at times, lead to divorce.
  3. Warped Relationships. Girls could see all boys like their father and boys could see all girls like their mother. Hence, relationships are affected and not allowed to be deepened. 

That is why in each Mass, we pray for all marriages.

  • For couples that remain together for better or worse, in sickness and in health and in good times and difficult times, may they continue to hold on to God for strength.
  • For couples whose marriage is undergoing great difficulty, may they seek guidance and strength from God. 
  • For couples whose marriages have been broken, we pray for their healing and we pray for their children, that yes, these are difficult times but may this experience make them stronger and wiser.

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