The Word of God and Family

A friend of mine once shared this reflection about the life of a priest: Before he entered the seminary, people in the Parish would not mind him. When he became a seminarian, suddenly people knew him. In fact, he would now be invited to the parties and fellowships. Then he became a deacon, and this meant more parties, fellowships, and friends. Upon ordination, suddenly he had so many relatives. He jokingly said, “Wait until I become a bishop, a Cardinal, and the Pope.”

This was true with Jesus too. Since he was popular, did many miracles, could cure the sick and because he spoke with authority, everyone wanted to be his friend, his relative, his disciple, and yes, even his Family. So what does He say? Anyone who keeps the Word of God is family.

Three Reflections on the Word of God

  1. God is faithful therefore his words are true. God is a promise keeper. If he says so, he will deliver at the best time, the best way, and the best manner. That is why St. Philip Neri is known to be the happy saint. He trusted God and hence he said that takes away the anxiety, worry, and fear.
  2. God is the author of life; His words are instructions for life. In the old testament, there were the 10 Commandments. During Jesus’ times, he summed up the 10 commandments into two commandments: Love of God and Love of neighbor.
  3. The Word of God is alive, active, and powerful. In the deliverance ministry, one realizes that the Word of God is very powerful. The evil spirits react to it. Hence, prayers are very powerful. Do not take them for granted. Jesus reminded us not to babble prayers but to pray unceasingly because God takes our words also very seriously.

We are God’s family because of His Word. We thank God for that.

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