David and Goliath

Aside from fairy tales, many of us grew up listening to bible stories: Samson and Delilah, Adam and Eve, and one of the most popular, David and Goliath. How fascinated are we, that with a slingshot, a small boy can bring down a powerful, huge giant! Against all odds…

My dear friends, how many times in our lives have we been in a situation known as “against all odds.” We find ourselves in a very frightening situation and we think that it is the end of the line. Then we remember the saying, “It is not over until it is over.”

Three things we can learn from David that we can apply in our very own lives: 

  1. David knew that God is faithful. Before getting to this point, David already experienced danger. He had a near-death experience when he encountered a lion and bear, but God delivered him. Hence, he knew that because God was on his side, nothing was impossible. Even when facing a giant!
  2. David made use of his God-given talent. David had a passion in life and he really became good at it with the slingshot. This God-given talent became very handy during the time it was needed. 
  3. David received a lot of Prayers. Certainly, when the fight was going on, David was being prayed for by King Saul, who was a believer, and his fellow soldiers. On the other hand, look at what Goliath did – he even cursed the God of David. God may not be seen and He may be quiet but he is still God, He is still in control.

In each Mass, especially if we are experiencing an “against all odds” situation and fear and hopelessness are sinking in, just remember David’s experience. King Saul said that Goliath was too big to fight. David thought that Goliath was too big to miss. Have confidence always in the Lord, use your God-given talents, and hold on to the power of prayer.

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