Having A Life

“What would you do with your life if money were no object?” was a question posted on the internet. At initial thought, the responses were: to go on a grand vacation, to shop, to live a stress-free life. Upon deeper reflection though, the responses all boiled down to one thing: TO SERVE.

  • To serve in the Church
  • To put up a social enterprise
  • Teach skills to the disadvantaged

In the Gospel, we hear of Matthew. He was wealthy but something was missing in his life. Hence, when God called him to serve, he left everything behind. 

If you are searching for your true mission in life, three things we can remember:

  1. It is in the heart. If you feel that there is something you ought to do, bring it to prayer. “Lord, do you really want me to do this?” While you may really like what it is in the heart, there are real fears as well. “Lord, if you really wish me to go to Canada, who will take care of my elderly mother that will be left behind?”
  2. It is God who decides, and not money. Often we tell ourselves that we will do this and that when we have the money already. As Christians, we should remember that when God calls us, he will always provide. Nothing is impossible with him.
  3. Trust. Nothing is more difficult than leaving our comfort zone. In the Gospel, we must realize that it could have been very difficult for Matthew to leave his customs post as it gave him material wealth. If you really want to find true happiness though, you will have to take the risk.

In each Mass, we remember that life is a journey, and while we are on a journey the Lord will always call us to follow Him. In one of the most popular readings, we see how God has worked in the lives of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebekah. May he work in our lives also.

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