Wise and Learned

Matthew 4: 18-22

Last year I listened to an economic briefing and it was said that despite all the economic problems of the country, we are doing okay because of the OFW money which doubles every three years. In 1950, we were the second strongest economy in Asia. By the 70s though, Filipinos started to leave the country. At this point, there are over 10M Filipinos abroad. Why this reality? Filipinos want a better life.

Talking about a better life, in the Gospel, Andrew, Peter, James, and John left their nets to follow Jesus. From fishermen, they became “Fishers of Man.” Why did they do this? They wanted a better life.

In our everyday life, how do we choose a better life?

  1. Doing Something for your Others. In the Gospel, most of the apostles were original fishermen. That is a very noble job, but they were offered a much better vocation, “Fishers of Man.” That is bringing people to God. For us to have a better life, one has to do something for others.
  2. Listening to God. Every day, we make decisions. Many of us know what is good and what is not good, but what we wish for is the best decision. This can only be obtained if we follow God. He is the author of life, and He knows what is best.
  3. Let Go. The apostles had to let go of their nets. For them, this was their security. Without the net, there would be no fish. Without the fish, there was nothing to be sold. With nothing to be sold, there was no money. Still, they left the net and trusted God. Let Go and Let God.

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Andrew. He did another thing for him to have a better life, as he brought Peter to Jesus. In this Mass, we remember the St. Andrews of our lives. These are the people who we have met along the way and have made our lives better – economically, emotionally, physically, and most important, spiritually.

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